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  • Clear Casting Resin

    This is a polyester clear casting resin which is ideal for embedding objects, jewellery and picture frames. It requires the addition of MEKP catalyst and works well with PSTF pigments and Barnes’ plastic moulds.

    $ 480.70
  • White Brushing Gelcoat

    White Brushing Gelcoat is a standard brush grade white gelcoat. This system is a blend of iso- and ortho- phthalic polyester resin, ensuring that the system is super reliable. It is suitable for general industrial use where a combination of excellent gloss off the mould, weather resistance and toughness is required. Requires the addition of MEKP catalyst.

    $ 41.40
  • MEKP K1
    MEKP K1

    Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide. The catalyst required for use with polyester resins. Catalyst ratio used varies for each product, refer to Technical Data Sheet for more information.

    $ 10.35
  • Clear Gelcoat Marble Glaze
    Clear Gelcoat Marble Glaze

    Clear Gelcoat Marble Glaze is a UV stabilized, ortho-NPG polyester specifically formulated as a thixotropic gelcoat. Clear Gelcoat has excellent abrasion, water and chemical resistance when processed properly. It is also suitable for fiberglass and filler-reinforced polyester sanitary-ware.

    $ 34.50
  • LSE Laminating Resin

    LSE Laminating Resin is a general purpose resin for spray or hand lay-up. Use with fiberglass or woven cloth. Requires the addition of MEKP catalyst.

    $ 316.25