Foam Cutting Tools

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Craft Sculpt Set

$115.00 (inc. gst)
The most popular and versatile tool for freehand sculpting, carving and scroll cutting. The arms pivot so the wire can

Crafters Knife Kit

$115.00 (inc. gst)
Crafters 4 Inch Knife Kit The thin round steel blade cuts Styrofoam and white beaded EPS foam cleanly in any

Hot Knife (no power supply)

$92.00 (inc. gst)
Plunge, Slice, and Dice!! The foam cutting tool the world”s been asking for. A combo hand held scroll saw and

Craft Scroll Table Kit

$184.00 (inc. gst)
Crafters Scroll Table Kit Fast accurate foam cutting made easy. The go-to hot wire foam cutting table for making styrofoam

Crafters Mini Table Kit

$149.50 (inc. gst)
Crafters Mini-Scroll Table Kit The go-to hot wire foam cutting table for making styrofoam models, 3D foam letters, numbers, signs,

3D Pro Scroll Table

$517.50 (inc. gst)
3D Pro 16-Inch Table Kit The ultimate multi-function foam modeling machine. Our sturdy and slick looking 3D Table is a

Crafter 3-in-1 Kit

$299.00 (inc. gst)
Crafters Deluxe 3-In-1 Kit For all your foam craft and hobby needs. This Crafters Kit includes the best hot wire

Industrial Hot Knife Variable Heat

$575.00 (inc. gst)
This tool is for doing fast and serious damage to your big foam projects, and to you if not used

Industrial Knife Kit

$713.00 (inc. gst)
Kit comes with Industrial Knife, 4-Inch and 6-Inch straight blades, Sled Guide with replaceable 12-Inch semi-rigid grooving blade and 12-Inch

Pro 4-in-1 kit

$667.00 (inc. gst)
Pro Model 4-in-1 Tool Kit This is one of our top-of-the-line foam cutting tool kits. Not only because it’s a

Adjustable 2×4 Bow Cutter

$805.00 (inc. gst)
The 4-Foot Compound Bow Cutter Kit Includes everything you need to start cutting foam right out of the box: the