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Antiquing Patina

$40.25$276.00 (inc. gst)
Antiquing Patina is used to create an aged brown to black finish on bronze, brass, and copper. On iron, steel

Darkening Patina

$21.85$299.00 (inc. gst)
Darkening Patina is most commonly used cold on bronze, brass, and copper to produce a beautiful brown finish. This patina

Ferric Nitrate/Chloride

$40.25$287.50 (inc. gst)
Ferric Nitrate/Ferric Chloride Patina produces a transparent red brown finish when applied hot to bronze, brass, and copper. Similar to

Japanese Brown Patina

$36.80$299.00 (inc. gst)
Japanese Brown may be used on bronze, brass, and copper resulting in a golden brown finish, but it is most

Liver of Sulfur

$51.75 (inc. gst)
This is a mixture of potassium sulfides which has traditionally been used to darken or ‘antique’ silver and bronzes. This

Tan Patina

$23.00$345.00 (inc. gst)
Tan Patina is used to achieve an opaque tan finish on all metals. It may be applied hot or cold