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  • Isopropyl Alcohol

    Isopropyl Alcohol is probably the most essential product to have on hand at any time, especially in the make-up kit. Used for a variety of cleaning and thinning applications.

    $ 13.80
  • Alginate Bonder
    Alginate Bonder

    Alginate will not adhere to itself once it has set up. Using alginate bonder between coats will allow alginate to stick together. Great for those small areas where there just wasn't enough build-up.

    $ 9.20
  • Accucast Alginate 390-S2
    Accucast Alginate 390-S2

    Accu-cast 390 alginate is light yellow/buff in colour. It sets in approximately 3 minutes using 32 degrees Celsius water. Accucast alginate produces high detail when smooth mix achieved. Can be mixed very thin and will set firm and strong, with good tear strength. Ideal for small life casting projects like hands in a mould.

    $ 63.25
  • Accucast Alginate LS680
    Accucast Alginate LS680

    Accu-cast 680 alginate is ideal for medium-sized projects, especially faces and heads. It is green in colour and sets in approximately 6 minutes.

    $ 63.25
  • Accucast Alginate 880
    Accucast Alginate 880

    Accu-cast 880 alginate is ideal for very large life casting projects like large props and body parts. Also ideal for use in hot environments where other alginates set too quickly. Light blue in colour.

    $ 63.25
  • Accucast Alginate IBG
    Accucast Alginate IBG

    Accu-cast IBG alginate is ideal for medium-sized life casting projects like faces, heads and torsos. Orange in colour.

    $ 63.25
  • Breakable Glass Silicone Rubber
    Breakable Glass Silicone Rubber

    A low strength addition curing, two component silicone rubber that cures at room temperature and features excellent flow due to its low viscosity, low tear strength, low elongation and excellent clarity. This is a great choice of product for simulating crushed or broken glass where hard and sharp products can be dangerous. Demould within the hour after...

    $ 120.75
  • Gelefects 3 Kit
    Gelefects 3 Kit

    Ideal for casualty simulation and zombie make-ups. Create all kinds of cuts, scars, wounds and bullet hole effects. Washes off with warm water. No adhesives or glues necessary for application.

    $ 55.20
  • A/B Blood Kit 100ml
    A/B Blood Kit

    A/B Blood is commonly used in the special fx industry to simulate blood. Very easy to use, just apply one part to your arm (or other body part), and the other to the prop knife. When the two parts touch it creates a fresh, just cut look. A/B Blood is blood red in colour.

    $ 57.50
  • Ben Nye Final Seal 2oz Spray

    Ply over any completed make-up for a smudge and water-resistant finish. Final Seal keeps make-up in place even on performers who perspire heavily.

    $ 63.25
  • Minute Stain Kit

    For instant shading, staining and characterizing of all provisional and permanent acrylic restorations including cured acrylic veneers, jackets and bridgework, denture teeth and denture base, acrylic and polycarbonate laminate veneers.

    $ 0.00
  • Naturo Plasto Wax Firm 8oz
    Naturo Plasto Wax Firm 8oz

    A compound for blending and covering defects, discolorations and wounds, and for perfect restoration of destroyed features. Remains firm and unaffected by high temperatures, moisture or chemicals.

    $ 149.50
  • Nose and Scar Wax Ben Nye
    Nose and Scar Wax - Ben Nye

    Nose and Scar Wax can be sealed and painted and colored with almost anything allowing for easier and quicker application.

    $ 41.40
  • Spirit Gum Remover 2oz

    Use for removal of spirit gum. To use, gently peel off prosthetic using Spirit Gum Removal on a cotton pad, foam sponge or tissue. Reapply Spirit Gum Removal to Spirit Gum residue as necessary. Wash skin with water and clean.

    $ 0.00
  • Tooth Colour - Nicotine 1/4oz
    Tooth Colour 1/4oz

    Achieve realistic nicotine stained teeth. Apply to dry teeth. For removal simply brush teeth with toothbrush and toothpaste.

    $ 34.50
  • Wrinkle Stipple 2oz

    Achieve wrinkled skin special effects. To use, stretch clean skin with thumb and forefinger then apply Wrinkle Stipple thinly in small sections and allow to dry.

    $ 0.00
  • Aqua Cream 8oz

    Aqua-cream for removing adhesives, coatings and inks from skin.

    $ 41.40
  • Smash-It

    Smash-It is a breakaway blend made from high quality resins and polymers to give a unique glass effect. This product has been widely used on many film and TV productions. Glass like clarity. Can be heated and hand poured. Will shatter like glass. Can be colored using oil soluble dyes mixed in white oil. Melting point 115 degrees Celsius, Softening Point...

    $ 46.00
  • Isopropyl Myristate

    Isopropyl Myristate is an oil based remover that is incredibly gentle on the skin. Good for removing regular make-up, grease paint and PAX or Pros-Aide.

    $ 23.00
  • Get it off!
    Get it off!

    This liquid remover can be used to completely remove any final traces of adhesives, whilst being very gentle on the skin.

    $ 40.25
  • Red Head 3030

    Inexpensive plastic block on which latex can be applied to create bald caps.

    $ 149.50
  • Ben Nye Death Wheel

    Ben Nye's FX Color Wheels put the creativity of special effects color right into the palm of your hand! With each wheel containing 4 complimentary colors to focus on a special effect of your choice, create lifelike effects that will have your onlookers doing double takes!

    $ 82.80
  • Ben Nye Master Bruise Wheel

    Ben Nye's FX Color Wheels put the creativity of special effects color right into the palm of your hand! With each wheel containing 4 complimentary colors to focus on a special effect of your choice, create lifelike effects that will have your onlookers doing double takes!

    $ 82.80
  • Bluebird FX Blood Flowing 60ml
    Bluebird Blood Flowing 60ml

    Used to create realistic wounds where smearing and dripping is required. Great consistency that "holds" on the skin. Dries with a nice fresh look. Can be reactivated with water. 

    $ 51.75