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  • Accucast Alginate 390-S2

    Accu-cast 390 alginate is light yellow/buff in colour. It sets in approximately 3 minutes using 32 degrees Celsius water. Accucast alginate produces high detail when smooth mix achieved. Can be mixed very thin and will set firm and strong, with good tear strength. Ideal for small life casting projects like hands in a mould.

    $ 63.25
  • Accucast Alginate LS680

    Accu-cast 680 alginate is ideal for medium-sized projects, especially faces and heads. It is green in colour and sets in approximately 6 minutes.

    $ 63.25
  • Accucast Alginate 880

    Accu-cast 880 alginate is ideal for very large life casting projects like large props and body parts. Also ideal for use in hot environments where other alginates set too quickly. Light blue in colour.

    $ 63.25
  • Accucast Alginate IBG

    Accu-cast IBG alginate is ideal for medium-sized life casting projects like faces, heads and torsos. Orange in colour.

    $ 63.25
  • Dental Alginate 453gm
    Dental Alginate 453gm

    Chromax Dental Alginate is a high-precision dental alginate impression material with a chromatic phase and set indicator. This dental alginate is easy to use, ultra-fast setting and excellent dimensional stability while capturing the finest of detail up to 200 microns.

    $ 32.20
  • Flexible Bowl Large 120 x 90mm Flexible Bowl Large 120 x 90mm
    Flexible Bowl

    The Flexible Bowl is recommended for use with alginate and plaster as a mixing container. 

    $ 28.75
  • Gypsona Bandage 6 inch Roll

    Ideal for rigid case over alginate life casts or as a fast case mould over flexible moulding materials.

    $ 11.50
  • Bodywrap Bandage Roll Bodywrap Bandage Roll
    Bodywrap Bandage Roll

    Bodywrap bandages 3inch rolls are ideal for rigid case over alginate life casts or as a fast case mould over flexible moulding materials. Great for use in projects involving faces, heads and torsos

    $ 5.75
  • Plasticap

    Used to create professional Bald Caps and also as an encapsulator for the production of prosthetics. By using acetone to dissolve the edges, the artist can create seamless prosthetics.

    $ 40.25
  • Pinkysil Oddbod lifecasting, skin safe silicone rubber

    ODDBOD is a smooth viscosity, long lasting addition curing silicone rubber designed for lifecasting. ODDBOD is applied directly to the skin to make moulds of the hands, face or other body parts and sets at room temperature. ODDBOD is suitable for most casting materials. Pinkysil oddbod is a skin safe silicone.

    $ 36.80