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  • Jelly Wax 500gm
    Jelly Wax 500gm

    Jelly wax, also commonly known as gel wax, is a clear, dimensionally stable, jelly-like material made from specially processed mineral oils

    $ 28.75
  • Ring Tube Carving Wax - Small Flat
    Ring Tube Carving Wax

    Wax Ring Tubes are ideal for jewellery designers.  Use the wax ring tube to carve your original design, which can then be moulded with any of Barnes' silicones for later casting.

    $ 28.75
  • Wax Sheet

    Wax sheets is most generally used to simulate metal or part thickness.  This grade of wax has been developed to prevent wax deformation under exothermic heat conditions.

    $ 0.00