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  • Cutting Mat A3
    Cutting Mat

    This Cutting Mat is made from durable PVC materials to provide a tough surface which protects your bench or desktop when you're cutting and trimming. 

    $ 23.00
  • Hobby Basic Knife Set 17pcs
    Hobby Basic Knife Set 17pcs

    This basic knife set features three different knives for using on light to heavy materials, ten replaceable blades and a stainless steel blade holder. Ideal for precision cutting of materials like paper, wood and plastic.

    $ 57.50
  • Hobby Tool Set Deluxe 26pcs
    Hobby Tool Set Deluxe 26pcs

    A great kit for cutting, whittling, carving, sawing and shaping wood or plastic.  The kit includes 15 pcs assorted blades, 3 pcs art knives, 1 stainless steel blade holder, 1 pricking pin, 3 pcs gouges, 1 razor saw blade, 1 block sander and 1 mitrebox.  

    $ 86.25
  • Hobby Tool Set Standard 23pc

    23 pcs Standard Craft Tool Set.  Includes:  2 routers for chiselling, 9 pcs assorted blades for cutting wood, board, paper, plastic, film, acetate, cloth or carving wood and leather, 1 stainless steel blade holder, 1 balsa stripper, 1 spokeshave, 4 pcs gouges, 1 block sander, 1 block plane and 3 pcs art knives (with 3 pcs blades).

    $ 82.80
  • Knife Small Snap-Off
    Snap-Off Knife

    Sharp utility knife features the unique snap-off blade system

    $ 4.60
  • Metal Rule 150mm
    Metal Ruler

     Permanently etched graduations of cm/mm and inches

    $ 9.20
  • Snap-Off Blade Large 10pcs
    Snap-Off Blade 10pcs

    Replacement blades for our large snape off knife

    $ 8.05
  • Tradeline 50mm Stripping Knife

    Premium quality flexible stainless steel blade with wooden handle

    $ 0.00
  • Tradeline 6 in 1 Hammer End

    Premium quality flexible stainless steel blade with wooden handle

    $ 0.00
  • 25mm Economy Stripping Knife
    Economy Stripping Knife

    Premium quality flexible stainless steel blade with wooden handle

    $ 8.05
  • Little Gem Putty Knife

    Flexible stainless steel blade putty knife with rubber grip handle. Great for applying putty to walls, doors and more. Has many uses around the home, as well as on the hobby bench.  Use for laying large amounts of clay or putty before beginning the sculpting process.  

    $ 0.00
  • Metal Can Opener
    Metal Can Opener

    A cheap and effective tool to assist in opening those hard to open cans

    $ 2.30
  • 80x23mm Paddle Roller Yellow
    Paddle Roller Yellow 80x23mm

    A perfect solution for ensuring air is released from your chopped strand mat. Simply roll away the air. Ideally suited for flat areas, but will work along the radius of curves too

    $ 28.75
  • Ring Groove Roller

    Designed for penetrating the resin through the fibreglass matting and the removal of air bubbles from all fabrics.

    $ 20.70
  • 50x12mm Wire Roller
    Wire Roller

    A basic and economical roller, the frame is galvanized wire and the roller section is all thread.  Can be cleaned with acetone for use time and time again.

    $ 16.10
  • Sculpey Super Slicer 6/pk

    Add a professional touch to your clay models and projects. These long, thin blades cut smoothly through clay, while the interchangeable comfort handles protect hands and fingers. They are perfect for trimming clay, cutting curves and adding details.  

    $ 40.25
  • Sculpey Alphabet Stamper

    Perfectly aligned letters every time with an easy to read font. Can make impressions directly into clay or be used with ink on clay. Great for jewelry and paper crafting

    $ 0.00
  • Sculpey 5-in-1 Tool
    Sculpey 5-in-1 Tool

    A very useful multi-purpose tool that has five interchangeable heads, including blade, pointer, metal ball end and two flexible shapers

    $ 46.00
  • Sculpey Clay Tool Starter Set 3/pk

    A set of 3 double ended tools, each used for a wide range of projects and techniques

    $ 0.00
  • Sculpey Essential Tool Kit 11/pk
    Sculpey Essential Tool Kit 11/pk

    Essential Tool Kit, by SculpeyGreat for beginners, makes a wonderful gift.Each set contains 11 pieces designed to work with oven baked clay.

    $ 80.50
  • Sculpey Etch n Pearl Set 3/pk
    Sculpey Etch n Pearl Set 3/pk

    This Set of 3 metal skewers can be used for a variety of unique applications. The pointed ends are perfect for adding fine details or piercing beads

    $ 25.30
  • Sculpey Texture Wheel Add Ons 4pk
    Sculpey Texture Wheel Add Ons 4pk

    One handle with four different patterns. Wheels roll freely to create continuous patterns. Designs include โ€“ Rope, Vine, Feather Stitch and Pearl

    $ 20.70
  • Sculpey Texture Wheel 5/pk
    Sculpey Texture Wheel 5/pk

    These fit onto the Texture Wheel handle โ€“ a favorite in the Sculpey tool line! The wheels roll freely to create continuous patterns perfect for creating borders! There are four timeless new designs โ€“ Greek Key, Argyle, Whirl and Wrought Iron. These are sure to add a beautiful touch to your next clay creation!

    $ 36.80
  • Tool Acacia 11A
    Tool Acacia 11A

    Sometimes referred to as thumb tools, since the thumb is often used to manipulate the tool, each end of these hand-polished sculpting tools is uniquely shaped to perform specific sculpting techniques. The extra-hard, durable wood construction is ideal for pottery, ceramics, and other water-based materials.

    $ 18.75