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  • Casting Plaster 5kg
    Casting Plaster

    Regular casting plaster used for quick casts into alginate or latex moulds.

    $ 17.25
  • Hydrocal 105

    Hydrocal 105 is a good strong mould material. Commonly known as buff stone, an off colored stone ideal for sculpting prosthetics. For dental stones with controlled expansion

    $ 18.40
  • Hydrostone TB

    Hydrostone TB is one of the hardest and strongest gypsum cements. Slightly higher setting expansion than hydrocal, but is ideal in case moulds, press and stretch dies. The most widely used product for solid casts and statuary.

    $ 19.55
  • Pottery Plaster

    USG Pottery plaster is highly uniform, noted for outstanding performance and long life.  Ideal for running slip latex, sanitaryware and dinnerware.

    $ 17.25
  • Regular Dental Plaster 22.5kg

    Regular Dental Plaster is used as a quick setting, fine casting plaster. This plaster is grit free with a short setting time.

    $ 48.30
  • Ultracal 30

    Ultracal 30 is the most widely used gypsum cement with the lowest expansion rate available. The industry standard for casting of foam latex. Highest strength with less tendency to warp. Excellent for case moulds, close tolerance tooling and applications requiring exceptional hardness.

    $ 37.95
  • White Hydrocal

    White Hydrocal is a gypsum product used for slip latex moulds and case moulds. Offers slightly better heat resistance than pottery plaster with higher wet and dry strengths.

    $ 18.40
  • Scrim 36 roll (200m)
    Scrim 36 roll (200m)

    Open weave mould making cloth, used for reinforcing plaster moulds and plaster statues. Preferred by some professionals over hemp fibres.

    $ 356.50