Low Melt Alloys

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  • JA12 Quality Casting Pewter Low Melt Alloy Stick $/kg

     It is called casting pewter although it is not a true pewter. It is an excellent casting alloy giving very good definition. It has high strength and superior polishing. The casting range is 275-330°C. The sticks average 300gm. Approximate average content: Lead 0-10% Antimony 0-10% Cadmium 0-5% Copper 0-2% plus Tin.

    $ 107.53
  • JA6 Lead Free Metal Casting Alloy Stick $/kg

    JA6 lead free pewter has a bright silver colour. It is suitable for giftware, goblets etc. It is great for finer pieces of jewellery such as rings and delicate buckles. The casting range is 275-330°C. Approximate average content: Antimony 5-10% Copper 0-2% plus Tin.

    $ 101.20
  • JA7 Alloy Stick $/kg
    JA7 White Metal Casting Low Melt Alloy Stick $/kg

    Excellent low cost alloy where relatively high weight is not a problem. It is suitable for larger objects over 50mm wide and over 5mm thick.

    $ 40.25
  • JA8 Alloy Stick $/kg
    JA8 Alloy Stick $/kg

    This alloy offers superior ductility than some other low melt alloys. It can be bent without breaking

    $ 55.20