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  • Brush Latex
    Brush Latex

    Brush latex is a moulding compound based on pre-vulcanized natural rubber latex. Pre-vulcanized latex is recommended for mould production as it only requires drying to give a strong elastic film. 

    $ 28.75
  • Geltex Latex Thickener
    Geltex Latex Thickener

    Geltex Latex Thickener is a chemical to thicken latex up to brush grade.

    $ 13.80
  • Liquid Latex

    Liquid Latex is still one of the most widely used materials for flexible mould making. This natural latex material has been pre-vulcanized to give it maximum elongation and excellent return memory without permanent distortion. It can be brush cast in all types of mould materials or in porous moulds by slush casting or absorption skinning. 

    $ 46.00