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  • E41 - RTV1

    E41 is a transparent, flowable, self levelling, one component, acetic cure silicone with excellent mechanical and adhesion properties, it does not require a primer. It will adhere to silicone, glass and metal. It will not adhere to polyethylene or polypropylene type plastics.

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  • E43 - RTV1

    E43 is a transparent, self-leveling, one-component, acetic cure silicone with very good mechanical properties. Excellent primerless adhesion properties.

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  • G790 Primer

    This primer is mainly recommended for addition curing RTV-2 rubbers. Primer G790, undiluted: If the primer is applied undiluted, it is advisable to subsequently heat-treat the substrate. 

    $ 40.25
  • Zap-a-Gap 2oz (Green)
    Zap-a-Gap (Green)

    Allow 7 to 10 seconds for positioning, 20 seconds cure time-to accelerate use Zip Kicker. Bonds anything to anything. Works on oily surfaces too

    $ 60.50
  • Zap (Pink)

    Works great on most materials, especially balsa wood. Strengthens fiberglass cloth. Bonds in 1 to 5 seconds.

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  • Zap-a-Dap-a-Goo 1oz
    Zap-a-Dap-a-Goo 1oz

    ZAP GOO bonds wood to fiberglass, metal to wood, plastic to metal, just about anything to anything with a strong flexible bond

    $ 13.80
  • Zip Kicker Pumper 2oz

    ZIP KICKER Super-Glue Accelerator is the best working accelerator for ZAP and Other Super Glues. A Little Spritz Works in Seconds.

    $ 25.30
  • Z-7 Debonder 1oz
    Z-7 Debonder 1oz

    De-bonding agent for all CA glues. Works by softening the glue so it can be wiped away. Removes glue from fingers and it can be used on a variety of surfaces.

    $ 16.10
  • Z-Ends & Tubing
    Z-Ends & Tubing

    Spare ends and Tubing

    $ 17.25
  • Zip Kicker Refill 8oz
    Zip Kicker Refill 8oz

    The best working accelerator for Zap and other super glues you'll ever find. Sets instantly.

    $ 34.50
  • Z-Poxy 5 mins

    Clear, equal mix that cures in less than 5 minutes. Fuel-proof, vibration resistant formula. Flexible and durable yet remains sandable too. Excellent for furniture repair.

    $ 31.05
  • Z-Poxy 30 mins 8oz
    Z-Poxy 30 mins 8oz

    Our 30 minute system allows 15 minutes working time and then cures in 30 minutes. Great for installing firewalls and bulkheads in fiberglass fuselages and boat hulls. Ideal for skinning small foam parts. Equal mix formula readily accepts filler for forming fillets.

    $ 52.90
  • Z-Poxy Finishing Resin 12oz

    Very low odor 20 To 30 minute working time, hard in 3 to 4 hours Full cure in 6 to 8 hours Sands easily

    $ 62.10