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  • 80x23mm Paddle Roller Yellow
    Paddle Roller Yellow 80x23mm

    A perfect solution for ensuring air is released from your chopped strand mat. Simply roll away the air. Ideally suited for flat areas, but will work along the radius of curves too

    $ 17.25
  • Airbrush Multi Holder - Holds up to 4 Air Brush Guns + Base

    Holds up to 4 Airbrushes (2 gravity feed - 2 syphon feed)Full metal construction Solid base for bench mounting

    $ 57.50
  • Resin Mould 2 Numbers"
    Resin Mould 2 Numbers

    A pre-made vacuum formed plastic resin mould. Very simple to use and can be reused over and over to obtain many parts. With the use of the correct release agent, most resins including clears such as EASYCAST CLEAR, BQUEEN, Clear Casting Polyester can be poured. Simply place the tray on a level surface, spray a light film of release agent, mix the resin as...

    $ 20.70
  • Armature Replacement

    Made from non-corrosive, lightweight, pliable aluminium wire.

    $ 40.25
  • Bluebird FX Blood Flowing 60ml
    Bluebird Blood Flowing 60ml

    Used to create realistic wounds where smearing and dripping is required. Great consistency that "holds" on the skin. Dries with a nice fresh look. Can be reactivated with water. 

    $ 28.75
  • Bluebird Blood Thick 60ml

    Water-Based Bloods are washable, but please check fabrics for staining prior to use.

    $ 31.05
  • Snap-Off Knife

    Sharp utility knife features the unique snap-off blade system

    $ 5.75