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Barnes Fibreglass have an extensive range of fibreglass. Let us help you decide what fibreglass products are right for your application.

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  • LSE Laminating Resin
    LSE Laminating Resin

    LSE Laminating Resin is a general purpose resin for spray or hand lay-up. Use with fiberglass or woven cloth. Requires the addition of MEKP catalyst.

    $ 28.75
  • White Brushing Gelcoat
    White Brushing Gelcoat

    White Brushing Gelcoat is a standard brush grade white gelcoat. This system is a blend of iso- and ortho- phthalic polyester resin, ensuring that the system is super reliable. It is suitable for general industrial use where a combination of excellent gloss off the mould, weather resistance and toughness is required. Requires the addition of MEKP catalyst.

    $ 41.40