Heidi Helyard

Heidi Helyard is a self-employed graphic designer living on the beautiful Central Coast, in NSW, North of Sydney. Heidi is a creative artist that has worked in many different mediums such as embroidery, weaving, and other fibre art for years.

In 2017, as part of her quest for texture, she started incorporating polymer clay into her fibre art pieces. This evolved into incorporating fibre into her polymer clay pieces! Small wall hangings morphed into wearable pendants, then came earrings and other jewellery-related objects. The progression was very organic.

Her jewellery collections are small-scaled, one-off pieces of wearable art. The fact that each piece is unduplicated and unique is really important to Heidi. Each pendant, earring or bowl is a limited edition – collectable and precious, completely individual piece, and the polar opposite of the mass produced fashion jewellery flooding the market.

It is important to Heidi that her pieces be instantly recognisable as a “Heidi Helyard” piece. For Heidi it’s all about colour and texture! The beauty of polymer clay is that it presents her with so much opportunity to explore endless colour combinations, patterns and textures.

We asked Heidi to tell us about her favourite products Pinkysil, Epoxycast and Epoxyglass and she said “Pinkysil is a never-fail moulding silicone that has never let me down. A flawless and reliable result every single time. EpoxyCast meets all my casting needs, from tiny earrings to homewares. I can tint it or know that I can use it crystal clear. EpoxyGlass is the only resin I will use for doming or coating my polymer clay earrings. Perfect finish and easy to use. Once again a product that just works!”. With over 37k followers on Instagram, Heidi’s attention to detail, education, creativity and insight are just a small part of why people love Heidi and her work.